Hybrid Carbon / Glass Shaft

The Hybrid Carbon/Glass Shaft is made up of a combination of Carbon Fibre and Fibreglass cloth. It is a durable and strong shaft

?This has the highest fibreglass content of our shafts and the most flex. It is also our heaviest shaft. WEIGHT: 220grams

?MOST POPULAR USES: Designed for situations where the paddle is likely to be used in rough conditions by a more inexperienced user. A very durable all purpose shaft.

HYBRID CARBON/GLASS SHAFT- COMPETITION                                                  This shaft swaps out one layer of fibreglass for a layer of unidirectional carbon fibre running longitudinally in the shaft. This increases the stiffness and reduces the weight, compared to the Hybrid Flex shaft. Weight: 202grams

?MOST POPULAR USES: Designed for athletes competing in surf. A durable racing shaft.

FULL CARBON SHAFT                                                                                                The full carbon shafts are made of three different types of carbon fibre cloth. The cloth is combined in different amounts to give different characteristics. Manufactured for the elite racing athlete, They are our lightest shaft.

?This shaft is made of 100% carbon fibre. The carbon fibre is orientated in a direction that reduces the chance of crushing and alows some flex. WEIGHT: 165grams

?MOST POPULAR USES: Designed for athletes where performance and weight matter most and  some flex is desired.  Ideal for Ocean Paddling, Elite Surf and Long Distance Kayak

?This shaft is made of 100% carbon fibre with more of the carbon fibre orientated to  give an emphasis on stiffness. WEIGHT: 165grams
MOST POPULAR USES: Desinged for athletes with a emphasis on performance and minimal weight where stiffness is desired. Ideal for Flatwater Kayaking. Not recommended where impact is likely such as in the surf.

Adjustable Shaft System

Our adjustable paddle shaft system. The design gives paddlers the option of changing the length (10cm) and angle of your paddle easily.

Your paddle angle can be set at any angle. Line markings indicate 45deg, 60deg, 75deg and 90deg as a reference point for both left and right handed paddles.