Choosing Lengths and Angles

amanda_fennPADDLE LENGTH

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the length of your paddle.

These include:

  • Type of craft
  • Type of use
  • Predicted speeds
  • Seated height and strength

The correct paddle length will vary from person to person. Height, age, gender and paddling conditions should all be taken into consideration.

In the surf a shorter paddle will allow the stroke rate to increase quickly proving the explosive power to get through the waves or onto a runner. On the flat water you will have a more consistent-paddling stroke requiring a slightly longer paddle.

A paddle shaft that is too long creates a too long a lever, excessively loading the muscles. This will ultimately cause injures making it impossible to perform correct technique. I am 173cm tall; I use a 209cm for the surf on my surf ski and a 215cm for flat-water conditions in my kayak.

When selecting your paddle length I will happily help you decide or make recommendations based on the above factors.


The standard angle for a fixed length paddle is 63 degrees. We can join your paddle at your preferred angle upon request.